Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today was an exciting day on our little block. This morning there was excitement and then this afternoon there was excitement. The events of the morning will be shown here when my neighbor has a little more humor about it. Ricky, let me know when it's safe to post those pictures! :) Suffice it to say, it is one of those things that needs a little time before it's not blood-pressure-increasing, palpitation-inducing or head exploding, don't want the world to see it (to the people it happened to). Now, me? I'd be posting the pictures on the blog tonight, however, Ricky, when I told him I took pictures, said "yeah, go put them on your blog for the whole *#@$&%$ world to see" and he was not a happy man about it. So, out of respect for him, I shall not post them until he say I can.

I will tell you, police were on our block, certain people are not allowed on our block for 3 months, tow truck, fire truck all that - out here. You just can't wait, can you? Well, you'll have to.

Now, this I can show you. Not nearly as exciting but kinda funny nonetheless. I was walking across the street today and one of the boys who lives on the street (and can be here for the next 3 months) said that there was a possum. I told him we have two that live in our garage. I started thinking about it and I asked him "a possum is out here, right now?" and he said yeah. So sure enough, here comes the possum out and about during broad daylight. I go get the girls and they are all excited about the possum. I have lots of video of it but this one is the funniest because at the end, he gets a little too close to me. But, on one of the videos I'm not putting on here, you can kinda here Anna telling the possum "cheese" as if to tell him to smile because I have the camera on him.

So, I'm sorry I'm keeping you in suspense about all our excitement but, again, Ricky won't find it amusing if I put it on here tonight. But, if you see me, you can ask me what happened and I'll tell you.

Oh, and guess who passed her Medical Transcription final with a 90%? Oh yeah, that would be ME!!!!! I am officially a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. Sure, I finally get a degree of some sort and I'm still unemployed, go figure.

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