Monday, January 28, 2008

Yesterday, Sadie decided to put up the easel that Anna got for Christmas from Mrs. Elsa (she calls Anna "my friend" and loves her and Anna always acts like she doesn't care until Mrs. Elsa tries to walk away). Anyway, Sadie put it up for her and here she is enjoying it.

As an update, we've had some pretty uneventful days in Wanglerworld. I can't say the same for church. We've had 6 funerals in 9 days. Today, we had the funeral for our Deacon Jim. He was a lovely man and he will be missed.

The girls got their report cards! This falls under the category of GREAT NEWS! Sadie and Madeline both made straight A's and all E's (for conduct) which entitles them to all sorts of free stuff all over town, should I have the ooomph to take them all those places which right now I don't. But, I have a copy of the report cards in my purse so if we run across a few freebies, we'll take advantage.

Sadie made it to the second round of the spelling bee. She missed harpsichord. She spelled it harpsicord. I don't think she'll soon forget how to spell it correctly. I didn't know it at the time, but there were only 6 3rd graders who got in the spelling bee and she was one of them. Woohoo!

Ok, so there's all your good news from here for now. I gotta run and pick up children~!

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