Monday, January 07, 2008

Helmet head!

Back before Christmas break, way before, the Mayor of Dalworthington Gardens (where Arlington Classics Academy is technically located) came to read to the 3rd grade. While there, they somehow got on the subject of bicycle helmets and he put a boy, Preston, in charge of finding out which 3rd graders didn't have helmets. He said he would try to get helmets for all those kids. Well, who knew a politician could do what he promised? (That was a little political humor for this election year.)

Today, I got an e-mail from Mr. Simon asking me if I could be up at the school today at 2:30 because the mayor was going to deliver on his promise and would I take pictures (and, Sadie was one of those kids without a helmet).

So, Anna and I went up to the school and watched and took pictures while the kids got their helmets. Here are some of the pictures. You local people, watch for more pics in the paper sometime soon.
This is the whole helmet-less group, eagerly anticpating their new head gear.
Sadie and Mr. Simon with her new helmet.
The whole group with all their helmets.
Helmet head!
And on a personal (meaning me) note, I took my final on Saturday. Big "shout out" to Ann Wood, my proctor - YOU ROCK! She's been my proctor on all my exams during this course and I so appreciate her willingness to help. I'll let you all know "if" I passed. OK, I know I passed but we'll see how well I did.

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