Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The cat blog

Well, I have two cat stories for you.

One, on Monday morning, about 5am, Rosie was crouching on the edge of the bed on my side making odd growling sounds and looking at the floor. So, of course, I look over and what do I see? Another black cat (we only have the one!) and as soon as I said "what the heck are you doing in here", it skidaddled right out of my room.

Since I had stuff to do for PTO, I got up to see if an e-mail I had been waiting for the night before had come in and I heard crunching in the kitchen. Since I knew where all my cats were I crept through the living room and stealthily turned on the light in the dining room. That other black cat looked up from the cat food it was eating and looked at me like "well, that free lunch is over, I've been caught." then hightailed it out the cat door.

I think it's been coming in while we're asleep (obviously!) and while we're not here. Danged cat.

Then, this morning, I was about to brush my teeth and Banda jumped up on the sink. Now, I've seen this cat go #1 in the sink. So, since I was about to brush my teeth, I did not want that to happen. I put her down and proceeded to load up the toothbrush with toothpaste and start brushing. While I did this, Banda jumped up on the toilet. I thought to myself, "that cat in "Meet the Parents" goes potty on the toilet, I don't know why my cats don't, especially Banda, she's such a priss". And as I am thinking this, that cat squated down and started peeing in the toilet! I ran out of the bathroom, with my mouth full of toothpaste and shouted to Conrad "As God as my witness, Banda is peeing in the toilet!!". I ran and got the camera and this is all that was left of Banda going potty when I got back.

I was so proud of her! No telling how many times she's done that and we don't even know it.

Now, if I can just teach her to flush...

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