Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wangler Christmas Party, '07

Sunday, we had the Wangler Family Christmas Party. Lots of Wanglers were there, some were not due to illness (hope you're feeling better, Dana!) and distance, we missed you, John, Nora and your gang, Andrea and her gang and everyone else who couldn't make it for whatever reason. You missed a good time.
This is Rylan(d?), Rainee and Briley, the newest kids on the block at the party. Esther's little one wasn't there, so these were the youngest. Briley is on the left, then Rylan(d?) and Rainee. I really need to learn to spell his name since Conrad and I are going to be his Godparents. But they are sweet as they can be (all 3) and cute as buttons as you can see.
Madeline went fishing by herself which sent Grandma Peggy into a tizzy. She couldn't stand it that Mads was out there by herself, even though she goes it alone all the time. Finally, Mads started back and Grandma walked her in.
This is Aaron, fighting off the efforts of his little sisters...
...and, winning.
Anna following Daddy. How sweet!
We had a Chinese gift exchange and while I understand all the men just complacently opened their gifts and accepted what they got, we women got fiesty. I stole a gift that had a blanket and a Starbucks gift card, which then got stolen from me. By far, the most sought after gifts were the beautiful home decor pieces which would last about a minute in my house. After the blanket, I got a flask (oh the places I could go with that!) but that was stolen, also. I ended up with a very practical knife and kitchen shears set. It was fun watching the women get catty.
The Wanglers always have fun when we get together. How many times have I typed that out on this blog? It just happens to be so true, I can't say it enough.

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