Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little black cloud

The little black cloud that has been hanging over the Wangler household lately has done more damage.

While I do NOT want this blog to become a "whine" blog, in an effort of full disclosure, I feel I should tell you of the bad stuff as well as the good. And there is good stuff at the end of this post.

Last night, we had ACA's Eatsie's Night at Khaki's in South Arlington. As the PTO President, I felt there should be a PTO presence there the entire 4 hours, so the plan was that I would take Sadie and Anna with me and my friend's Mom would pick up Madeline from dance (she was already picking up her grandson there) and they would meet us down there. Then, we would wait for Conrad and, depending on how long it took him to get there, the girls would either eat before he got there or eat with him. Then he would take them home and I would stay and make sure all the ACAers were welcomed and knew what to do.

Well, let me tell you, 3 children in a restaurant and mingling with a crowd do NOT mix. Those children drove me crazy. Finally, about 6:30, I believe, Conrad called and said he wouldn't be making it. Talk about driving blood pressure up! I asked why (in that smarmy voice I can have when things aren't going according to my plan). He proceeds to tell me he had a "little" accident on the way home and he can't drive the truck. He was on Division St. bridge going over 360 (a three lane road) and he was behind an 18 wheeler in the right hand lane and decided to change lanes into the center lane and someone was trying to turn left - yes, from the center lane, so they were stopped and he ran into the back of them. Lovely. All around lovely.

My poor truck. I say mine, but Conrad has probably driven it longer than I did at this point. But, I got the little blue truck when I was getting my divorce from Jon 15 years ago. It was my "statement of independence". "I don't need a man, I have my own truck", etc. You know what I mean. So, the little blue truck is out of commission, has probably reached an unglamorous end to an awesome life. It's little headlight is hanging down like one of those toys with springy eyes, but you know it won't pop back in, it's front fender off like it's smile has been ripped from it's little face. It's so sad.

So we're down to one car. Not a fun proposition in our busy house.

I have to say, Conrad tried to fix the truck. He gave it the old college try but it's just too far gone, I think. Even I gave up on it before he did. He just wouldn't give up. He was going to put a spare on and drive it back to work, then he looked behind the seat to get his tools to change the tire only to discover his tool set had been stolen. Then found that the one in the garage had been stolen, too. Now Conrad's not a "doom and gloom" kind of guy, but this triple whammy really got to him. You could tell a change in his demeanor and his final give up "I guess you'll have to drive me back to work" was just sad.

So there is the - hopefully - final chapter of the black cloud at the Wangler house.

There was one bright spot in my otherwise crappy yesterday. One of the third grade teachers stopped at the table where we were and told us that Sadie made the spelling bee. She was proud, I was proud, it was a proud moment for us all. Yay, Sadie! Way to make the sunshine!

Oh, several other good things happened. I guess it's all what you focus on, huh? Ok, anyway, our heater guy got here right when I was walking out the door and fixed the heater ($118 worth of fixing took maybe 60 seconds). And the best part? AMERICAN IDOL STARTED!!!!!

I know, I know, it's shallow and inconsequential for most people but dang it, I needed some levity and escape and American Idol delivered. Thank you, Fox and reality T.V.!

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