Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sad Update

If you're just now reading the blog from the update I sent out on e-mail, there is happier times after this post, just keep scrolling down.

However, I feel compelled to let you all know that Ethan Powell - - that I started asking you to pray for a little over a year ago lost his battle with leukemia today at 11:37 am. Please pray for Ben and Becky, his parents, who believed, and still do, in the power of prayer and need yours right now.

I, personally, said a prayer for them for comfort and endurance and a prayer of thanksgiving for my own family. I cannot imagine losing a child that young to anything and the sadness they must feel is overwhelming to me. I cannot comprehend it.

I can say with a certainty that God welcomed Ethan into his loving arms and he is now free from leukemia, pain and having to endure all those meds, tubes, pumps and machines. Thank God for that tiny bit of solace.

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