Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some housekeeping

OK, so I know I haven't updated for awhile and for that I apologize.

Let's see what's gone on since I last updated...

Well, I am the PTO President again. People ran for every post (or volunteered immediately after the election) but mine.

I've been sick for what seems like forever. Oddly, I feel better today than I have in at least two weeks and I sound worse than ever. My voice is scratchy and awful sounding. I started with some sort of stomach thing and had an ear infection (I know why babies are so fussy when they have one) they are NO fun. Now, I guess I'm into the whole allergy, spring, coughing, stuffy head, no fever, can't rest well illness. I'm sick of being sick. I can, however, count my blessings. My friend Susan has been sick for 4 or 5 weeks now and still no real diagnosis. They are thinking either a virus that has caused her immune system to attack her joints or Lupus. I'm hoping for a virus. Please keep her in your prayers. I miss having my friend to pal around with.

In between illnesses, I had an all-day scrapbook day at the church. It went over well, I thought. People want to do it again so I guess I'll try to set that up. What fun that will be!

Conrad made Anna a little stool so she can reach the "big girl potty" and she now uses it at will. Yay us!

We've lived through various and sundry storms that have been unleased upon North Texas. One of them had the tornado siren going off (I had a fever that night) and the girls required me to get into the bathroom with them. I couldn't tell (in my fevered state) if it was the siren or the stadium howling. I decided to go back to bed. I figured if the storm had the audacity to hit my house while I was sick in bed with a fever then so be it. I'd just be twistered away to OZ. I just didn't want it to wake me up.

Madeline's soccer season has ended, Sadie took her last TAKS test (today) and the school had their Auction. I must say, it was alot of fun. Next year, maybe I'll have some money to spend at it. It would seem those people were really having alot of fun bidding on various naming rights and trips. I could have had the PTO room named after me for a mere $105.00 (I assume I would have won at that since it only went for $100). Oh well, maybe next year.

OK, when I downloaded my pictures, I found this video, which I remember taking - but don't know when. I still think it's cute. It's pretty self-explanatory, Madeline and Sadie dancing with naked Anna joining in at some point. Enjoy.

Madeline has a project due tomorrow on the habitat of an animal. Hers was the opossum. I only just now learned that opossum has only one "p". You can thank my first grader for the correct spelling on that one. I must be getting more responsible or something because while we got the project information on Wednesday, we actually started on Sunday (rather than tonight) with the paper mache'-ing of a recycled water bottle (see, I am green!). On Monday, it seemed it would never get dry so I opened the windows and let the sun shine down on it and voila, it was dry by today. So, she painted it and finished the paperwork this evening. Did you know the opossum is the only marsupial in North America? Isn't it cute?

In this picure, I tried to make it look like it was out in the wild. Pretty good, huh? I know, not really, but let me live in my dream world.

I also sent her teacher (via e-mail) the links to this blog with the video and pictures of the various opossums who live in or near this house. I hope she makes an "A". She really did it all herself so she should.

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