Sunday, April 06, 2008

The wedding of Shelly and Greg

Yesterday evening, we went to the wedding of Shelly and Greg. Shelly is Conrad's (our) niece, daughter of his sister Dana. She and Greg have been dating for 8 years and we ALL were excited when we heard of the impending nuptials. I liked Greg the first time I met him. He made (and still makes) movies and the one I've seen was really good, but don't ask me the name of it because it's been a long time since I've seen it, but I remember I enjoyed it. He and Shelly make a very nice couple and we wish them all the best on their new life together.

So, immediately after Madeline's soccer game we rushed home and got all gussied up and off we went to the wedding. Anna was in her frilly Easter dress and all night would hold the top layer up like a little princess. It was too cute. Here she is twirling...
This is little Chloe Cecilia Grimes, the littlest "Wangler" at the wedding. She's really very cute don't you think? A sweet little angel.

The wedding was in the backyard of a family friend and it was a gorgeous place to have the wedding/reception. There was a pool and up until we left, no one had gone in so everyone must have behaved. The way Anna flitted about it, I thought for sure she would go in. Anyway, these were on all the tables and as the sun set, the candles were lit and it was beautiful. The also had chimineas and open fire pits to warm up the area. Very nicely done.

Oh, and the food was delicious. Fajitas, beans, rice, salsa and the rest of the trimmings. Also, a margarita machine. Remind me the next time I host a party to get one! Forget the party, maybe I just need to install one in my house.

The rest of these pics are just random pictures, I'll put names with the faces underneath.

Conrad, Joe and Andrea (Conrad's brother and sister)

Oops, I lied, I forgot I had pics of the wedding.

This is Greg holding the door open for Natalie (the flower girl who thought ALL the petals should be unceremoniously dumped at the door - that's what she's doing - it was very cute) and Shelly.
Natalie, Shelly and Greg walking to the ceremony spot.
The whole wedding party.
The first kiss as husband and wife.
Anna so posed for this picture, she didn't even take a drink. She just pursed her lips and acted like it. Too funy.
OK, now we start with the random pictures.
Conrad and Shelly

My lovely husband and me.
Anna and me.
The whole little family (and no, there wasn't one without my cleavage showing to it's full potential).
Cousin Lynne and Conrad
Sadie took this one of her and Dana.

And this one of Shelly. Sorry Shelly, but I thought it was priceless.
Shelly and Greg
Esther, Andrea and me.
Esther and Dustin
Late in the evening, Madeine, Nicholas and Cousin Lynne played a game with the pool balls and this is them before it starts...

And after it begins. I have no idea what the goal was on the game but, I hear Madeline and Nicholas beat Cousin Lynne many times. Thank you, Cousin Lynne for playing with them. They so enjoyed it.

And, lastly, Sadie took this video of Shelly and Greg having their first bite of wedding cake.
Again, best wishes Shelly and Greg. May you have a long, lovely, fun filled, God blessed marriage. We love you both.

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