Friday, April 11, 2008


Wednesday night (early Thursday morning) another round of storms came in. I awoke for all of about 5 seconds, I guess, when the really hard rain started pummeling the house. We have our windows open so it sounds alot louder than when they are closed. I love this time of year, being able to have the windows open. Anyway, I promptly went back to sleep, hearing no hail or tornado sirens.

Then, yesterday morning, I found a key that I thought might belong to my neighbor Ricky and I called him to ask about it. He says "So, y'all got some hail damage". More of a statement than a question. So I said "No." He says "Have you been outside today?". I told him that I had, that this was my second time to leave the house but I didn't see any damage. He tells me that a big limb from the tree in between our two houses fell and broke the fence.

I was amazed. I didn't hear it, see it, or was in no other way aware that any of this went on. So, when I finally got back home, hours later, I surveyed the damage. Here it is.

My darling husband came home from work and got it all taken care of. Thanks to a chainsaw and some hard work, it looks like this now.
Pretty impressive, huh?
All the limbs stacked neatly and corded for the garbage men to pick up tomorrow morning. Wow, what a man.

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