Monday, April 07, 2008

Stuck in a tree

Finally! I know now why we have mow the grass!

Sadie decided she wanted to mow the grass yesterday so...WE LET HER!!!! Man, I'm not so sure that was a smart move on her part, now she'll have to do it every time.
She's having just a bit of trouble starting the mower. Her Daddy ended up having to start it.
Looks like hard work, huh?
After the grass was mowed, Mads decided she needed to climb the big tree in the front yard. Her Daddy had to help her with that.
Getting up there's the easy part.
Now she's stuck! Sadie and Anna were cheering her "You can do it, Madeline!"

Finally, she gets down. She was stuck up there for a pretty good amount of time. However, since I've never seen a kid carcass or a cat carcass up in a tree, they all come down at some time.

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