Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Young Masters Art Adoption

First, this is the second update of the day so if you missed the first one, please scroll down.

Second, by now you know I don't normally tout any fundraiser type things. However...Sadie had a piece of work selected for the Young Masters Gallery Exhibit and Art Adoption so I am going to let you all know about it and if you're hankering for a piece of work to hang in your office or home, please consider this option.

The Young Masters G.E. & A.A. is where 40 pieces of work created by ACA students are selected and hung in the Coffee Haus on a selected day (this year, April 18) and patrons of the arts are invited to come by and view these masterpieces and adopt one for their home or office for $100. Your "adoption fee" is tax deductible, too!

You can view Sadie's work of art by clicking here. It is an expressionism piece called "Blue Dog".

If you are interested in supporting this cause, either let me know or if you're in the area, go by the Coffee Haus located at: 210 S. Mesquite St., Arlington, TX 76010 from 4-6:30 on Friday.

And, as always, I am not offended if this is not your cup of tea. Please do not be offended by my touting Sadie's art.

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Aaron said...

If I could afford to adopt, I would definately buy Sadie's. I really enjoyed it.