Thursday, July 20, 2006

First Big Girl Bath

What with the upcoming big 1st birthday and all, I thought it was time for a big girl bath. That and there were dishes in the sink and I didn't have time to clear them out.

She's gettin' into it. She sees the fun potential in this bath thing.

Oh my goodness, the most amazing thing just happened...OK, first this is Anna after she's all cleaned up. What a cutie.

OK, now, y'all all know how I can never get the pictures in the order I want, right? Well, I thought I had put on the picture of Anna after she was all washed up but I had actually clicked on the first picture twice. So, with great hesitancy I clicked on the second "first" picture and it actually deleted only that picture. So, I figure, that went well and what the hay I have time to redo the whole thing if need be, I go back to download a whole 'nother picture and voila, it's there. It's at the top but it's there. So then, I get really brave and I try to move the picture and I'll be danged if it doesn't go just where I wanted it to. What a red letter day for the blog! That's almost bigger than being able to put links to stuff on here. But not as big as when I can put video. I have two cute ones of Anna. Keep your fingers crossed!

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