Friday, July 14, 2006

Holiday at Nana's Day Five (part two)

Day 5 at Nana's (part 2) - Reinforcements arrive!

Mom and Aaron got here today around lunch time. Yahoo! They brought with them energy and peach pie.
This is my magic wand. Madeline made it for me and I only use it for good, not evil.
This is our craft mess for the day. We made magic wands and visors and picture frames. We're going to put pictures from this week in our picture frames for a lasting memory.
This is Anna finding a new source of snack. I think her favorite is the liver flavored kibble.
Sadie took this picture and it was so energetic I couldn't resist putting it on here. This is Alysse, Wendy's oldest girl, she's the same age as Sadie, 7.

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