Sunday, July 16, 2006

Holiday at Nan's revisited

We are back home!!!!! Woohoo! I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed with no children in my room.

Thank you, God that our tire only went flat and didn't "blow-out" as the consequences could have been much more severe than just pulling over and changing the tire. Thank you, Conrad for being so good at stuff like that.

Since we spent the day traveling. I thought I would send out some pictures that didn't make the blog this week but that I really liked.

This one actually made the blog but in a different form. I liked the one I took with Auntie B's camera better but it hadn't been downloaded when I did the blog on this day.
This is the baby deer as it ran toward me that fateful day. I thought I had put this picture on and was disappointed to find out I hadn't. As an update, the Wildlife and Fisheries people came and got the deer. In my world, they nursed it back to health and put an ad in the "Daily Deer Planet" classifieds and Doe and fawn are reunited.
This is my overall favorite picture of the week. My Auntie B. gives looks like this when she is all up in arms about something or someone. I will be printing this one out and framing it.
I thought this was such a pure joy picture. Ashlea and Uncle Greg playing the guitar. He was making the notes and she was strumming. That's teamwork.
This picture is from today. We saw this motorcyle on the way home. How cute is this? That's a real dog.

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leigh said...

did conrad pick you guys up in monroe or did he come rescue you when you had the flat?