Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The visit

My sons' grandparents came over tonight to visit with Aaron and take him to dinner. I always enjoy visiting with them and tonight was no exception. If you read this Anne and Walt, thanks for the visit, we enjoyed ourselves. This is Walter with Anna. He is such a gentle soul, I can't imagine a child not looking like that at him.
They always bring the girls a treat when they come. This time it was suckers and paper doll books. This is Sadie dressing her doll.
This is Anne with Anna. I didn't know until tonight that Anna shares her birthday AND her name with Anne's mother (who will be 90 this Aug. 13).
They (my children - including Aaron) begged me to take a picture of Banda in the doll stroller. I chose this one because it looks like Mia (the stuffed dog on the floor) is trying to bite her feet.
This is Aaron with Granny and Grandpa. They are very lovely people.

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