Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Piano

This is my sister's piano. It is beautiful. Our grandparents gave it to her a looooooonnnnnnnggggg time ago. You see, she's older than me. (sorry, Pamela, I have to speak the truth, you know, journalistic integrity and all) Teehee.

Anyway, my sweet sister has allowed me to borrow her piano which was being stored at a friend's house in Balch Springs so we went and picked it up tonight. My mother was right, it really needs tuning and I'm not one of those perfect pitch people and I can tell. I am taking piano lessons and Sadie will be in the fall so now, thanks to Pamela, we have a piano on which to practice. Thank you, Pamela!

Now, on to other news...The baby we've been praying for will be here (according to the people who know) before midnight. Rachel went to the hospital today to have the baby. Last check (around 8:30) she was dialated to 8-9 and they had to break her water. I will send news as I have it. Exciting times!

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