Sunday, July 09, 2006

Holiday at Nana's Day One

Day One of our Holiday at Nana's house began with swimming. (Sorry about the underscore but I don't know how to take if off).

I actually did it! No underscore! I don't know what I did so I'm not messing with that stuff above. Sorry.

We weren't even in the door before the girls were asking if they could go swimming. I said "can we unload the car first, please"? They said "no". I told them that it would go alot faster if they would help. They actually did. We unloaded the car and just dumped it right in the doorway and they're screaming to go into the pool again. I said "can we get the stuff upstairs , first". Nana said "go on, go swimming". I said "OK".The three cousins. There's actually five but one was at the movies and the other was not in goggles nor in camera range. From left to right: Alysse, Sadie and Ashlea
This was Anna when we first drove up. "Get me out of this car". She was tired of riding. I'm thinking if she had taken a nap at any point during the trip instead of screaming the whole way, she might have enjoyed it a little more.
The calm before the storm.
Anna likes the water.

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