Saturday, July 01, 2006

Very special

After a lovely evening of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the parents of my friend Karen (Happy 50th Micheal and Betsy Doyle), I came home to my sweet little family (except Anna who was already asleep) playing a rousing game of "Candy Land". When told she came in second Madeline replied "very special". I don't know where she gets it but she cracks me up.

I could resist this picture of Anna.
Or this one. We sat outside for a very long time today. We visited with the neighbors and ate cheerios. How much better could it get? OK, add some strawberry margaritas and you've got yourself a special day. But really, outside with good friends...hard to beat, with or without margaritas.
Banda has, for some reason, taken to being carried around in this little basket. Anyone can carry her around in it. Love nips for Sadie!
This is what a lazy Saturday morning looks like in our house.

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