Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holiday at Nana's Day Three

We are in to day three of Holiday at Nana's. I can't believe we've survived. Wendy's had a really lovely case of Poison Ivy and has been drugged up on Benedryl since we arrived on Sunday. That leaves on ly two adults here for 6 children, Nana and me. And today, Nana went back to work. Thank goodness Wendy is starting to function again. I have a really lovely picture of her in her dispair but I promised her I wouldn't post it. Sorry, folks. Journalistic integrity and all.

Anyway, today's craft project was a koozie (you'll see a picture further down) and bracelets/watches. Lest you worry about Austin (the only male cousin) making bracelets, we have "boy" crafts for him. He just didn't feel like participating today. This is a picture of the mess we made - I mean the creative process we were involved in today.
We also played dress up with Wendy's old costumes from YEARS of ballet, tap, jazz...lots of costumes. This is our reluctant participant.
This is a picture of two of the boxes they made yesterdy and Madeline's koozies. Now they have koozies to keep their beer...ooops, I mean sodas cold.
Two of the way more than willing participants in the dress up portion of our day.
And last but not least...While we were playing dress up, Wendy found this old picture of me. I was a sophomore in High School at Caddo Parish Magnet School. Yep, this is me, way skinnier.


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