Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby Eden

Today I babysat for our great nephew Eden. This is the one everyone prayed for. I have forgotten (yes, my memory is short, seeing as Anna is only 16 months old - tomorrow) how much these little tykes need. And he's as big as Anna so you think he can do all the things she can do like: sit up, eat regular food, crawl around, amuse himself occasionally. Nope, can't do any of those things. I was also hindered by the fact that he is still breast-feeding and I'm not THE momma. We managed. Rachel left me some bags of his favorite milk and then I supplemented with formula. That boy can EAT! He also napped, but only when Anna was awake. Same with Anna. She would nap while he was awake. Only once were they both asleep. For about 10 minutes, I had blessed quiet in the house.

Silly me, I had such plans for the day. I thought I would clean, get laundry done, finish the letterboxes for Sadie's party, etc. and so forth. Silly, silly me. I couldn't get that stuff done when Anna was that age, why would I think I could when I have two on hand? Oh well, one more day of a messy house isn't going to kill anyone. At least, I don't think it will.
This is Eden playing on his playmat.
Anna is visiting the new being in the house, wondering what all the fuss is about. She instantly became an infant again when Eden stayed longer than 10 minutes. Two babies is too much.
Rested, fed and finally happy. Anna had to try out the swing, too. She got in it and sat with her back flat against the back like it was going to blast off or something. She relaxed once she figured out it was just a swing.
Today was also Sadie's 8th birthday. Happy Birthday, Sadie~ Here she is with her gift from Nonnie. It's a bag to put her piano music in. Very cute. She also got a snow globe from Brady and she gets to go shopping tomorrow for an outfit she would have worn to her birthday party had I gotten ink pads that were washable. Instead, she'll wear it to school on Friday. We also gave her a "boombox". The box part which Anna has really taken to.

And just in case nothing exciting happens tomorrow and I don't blog...Happy birthday to Paul, my brother-in-law, and Phillip.

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