Thursday, December 21, 2006

weird stuff

This cat...oh my, this cat has been named "Sugar" by Sadie. This is not our cat. It only just started coming around here the last week or so. He lets Sadie pet him so she put a collar on him and named him. No, he does NOT come in the house. (Yes, Auntie B., she named him after your "Sugar" - we should be so lucky.) Anyway, today both the girls were out on the front porch and some female cat - whom sugar apparently has a crush on - was there, too. Madeline was standing on the sidewalk about 3 ft. in front of the porch and after Sadie got through petting him, he went to Madeline and rubbed up against her leg. She says "gross, he peed on me". I started laughing and told her he had just marked her "his" territory. I laughed alot about that one, especially seeing it first hand. She didn't find it nearly as funny as I did. Hmmmm....
This is Anna acting all innocent like she's not the reason that most of the ornaments in the general vicinity of her height are no longer on the tree.
Caught in the act.

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