Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter Parties

Today ACA had their Winter parties (we used to call them Christmas parties). Fun was had by all.
This is Madeline and Kolton. Remember this picture. His mother and I think it will be used someday at their engagement party.
These cookies were made by a mom (Becky Hale). I think they belong on a magazine cover. The snowflakes have edible pearls on them. They were beautiful. I am SO impressed. They tasted delicious, too. I really enjoyed my snowman until I dropped him on the floor.
Sadie and her teacher, Mrs. Solis. We both like her very much.
Sadie and her friend Katelyn. Aren't they cute?
Eden came over again today. This time, his mother came with him and Anna stayed home with them so I could do the party thing without a stroller. How lovely that was. Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me that luxury. This is Anna loving on Eden.

This is Madeline in her class singing "Singing in the Rain". I think it's cute. By the way, Madeline's class had "Pajama Day" so that's why they're all in their PJ's.

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