Monday, December 04, 2006


Sadie had her first reconciliation (confession for those non-Catholics out there). When we were walking up to the church, she told me she was nervous. "Of course you are" said the caring mother in me then I couldn't resist throwing in "you're such a sinner". I hugged her and told her I was kidding even though all day I kept telling her she was rackin' up the confession time.

It was a lovely service and yes, it did take her an inordinate amount of time (I'm kidding). They had "stations" they had to do. One was sending a card to a serviceperson, one was saying a prayer of thanksgiving and they also had a balloon release to symbolize their prayers going up to heaven. Luckily the prayer before the release was short as it was cold outside. And, I really felt sorry for the little girl whose balloon wouldn't go up. What does that mean?

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