Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Put your sunshades on, she's cute!

You knew I had one of Anna. I thought I had already put the following video on here already but I saw that it had O, none, nada, zippo views so I thought that maybe I hadn't put it on here and sure enough, I hadn't.
In the following video, Anna finally learns how to ride her toy she got for her birthday.
I just looked and I guess when I tried to put this on the blog, the video was taking too long to load and, well, I'm a busy girl, I can't wait around forever so I must have gotten busy with something else because it's in my blog as a draft. Oh well....
And, if I seem wordy without saying anything or there are multiple misspellings...I've been drinking champagne because my husband brought a bottle home because he got a raise today. Nothing like spending money we haven't made yet! Woohoo, here's to prosperity!
Anyway, the noise level in this video is an acurate depiction of everyday life. I should work in one of those places where there is chaos and someone needs to be calm, c00l and collected. I could SO be that person. Who, if not a mother, could drown out all extraneous noise? I digress, it's the champagne.
OK, I just read this to Conrad and he thinks it's funny but we're a little giggly so if you don't laugh just think of us laughing at it and you probably will.
Have a WONDERFUL tomorrow. My head will probably hurt.

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