Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Birthday Party

After one failed attempt, we finally had Sadie's birthday party. I think everyone had a good time. All the letterboxes were found by all the groups, although some had an easier time than others. Sadie's cousins got to be there this time because they just happened to be coming through on their way back to Colorado. It was absolutely wonderful having them there.

This is one of the groups finding a box. Imani, the one holding the items in the box in this picture, didn't even want to touch the first box found. I don't know why but she was not going to touch it. She came along way since she's actually holding one in this picture.
Another box found. Actually, Katie, the one on the right, found this one.
Back inside the room for pizza and "cake".
This time, I was going to make Sadie's cake. When I called Cici's to order the pizza the night before Sadie asked me if we could have brownies. I told her that we were going to have cake. She asked if her cake could be the brownies from Cici's. I said to myself, "hmmmmm, make a cake.....order a brownie, hmmmmm". I'm not stupid, I ordered brownie. Then when I called Cici's, they threw in the brownies for free. How cool was that?
We made the brownie as festive as possible.
Jon and Bailey (Madeline's friend - Madeline was off having a pity party for this picture) letterboxing. "Team Rose" (their team name) was way faster at finding the letterboxes than the other teams. I declare them the winner (not that there was one).

As I said, I think everyone had a good time. And I'm glad it's finally over. I can now relax a bit. Maybe get back to studying...yep, definitely do that.

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