Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brownie awards

Yesterday, Conrad and I were both afflicted with the same lovely virus that got ahold of Sadie and Madeline the day before. Anna may or may not have had it, the jury is still out (trust me you don't want to know about that discussion). So, while we were laying (lying - I don't know which is correct) on our deathbed, Sadie thinks that is the time for me to help her put Anna's hair up. Well, I can't help it if I think it would be cute, too, and am willing to use up some of my strenght on it. You be the judge, was it worth it?
Tonight was Sadie's Brownie's Court of Awards/cookie exchange. She got bunches of patches to add to her vest. I'll be busy soon ironing on.
This is her before the big award ceremony.
And this is her checking out her new patches.
For those of you oooged out by critters, you can stop reading here.
For the rest of you, Pogo has returned. Here he is in all his glory.

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