Sunday, December 17, 2006

Surprises aplenty

After weeks of planning, creating nine letterboxes, 18 poems for said letterboxes, finding things to go into the letterboxes, planning where they would go with the wonderful help of my friend Jessica, planning for inclement weather by procuring a sight that we could hide boxes inside or out, inviting 13 seven and eight year old girls (and having 2 sisters that are five years old) and having all but one RSVP that they were coming, then making sure they all know not to wear nice clothes and then ordering an absolutely darling cake...the unforeseen happened.

Sadie got sick. At first, I thought "oh, it's just nerves". Of course, I don't know anyone who throws up at 4 am the morning of their birthday party. I'm thinking it would take a real neurotic (hope there aren't any of you reading this) 8 year old for that, but it could happen. So as she's getting sick I said to myself "oh no she isn't...she can't possibly...WE ARE HAVING THIS PARTY!!!!!!!!"

So, I left the little family at home while I went to church. Thinking when I got back home, I would pack up the van, go get the cake and start out for the party. Oh, in hindsight, I was so naive! When I got home, Sadie tells me she just threw up again and Conrad told me that she was OK with postponing the party. That's when I KNEW she was sick. The panic, the sheer overwhelming panic I felt was unbelievable. Call all these people at the last minute. Call the place and tell them we're not coming and that I hope I can reschedule and them not charge me again. Sadie's disappointment she must be feeling. Man, what a few moments of crazy that was. Then I took a breath and just started dialing numbers and letting people know. Everyone was gracious and wished Sadie well. What a nice group of friends she has.

So the upshot...What a delicious cake we enjoyed today. And when we are able to have the party, it's all taken care of. Planning done! Woohoo! Well, I will have to get another cake.

The cute cake we've been eating on today. YUMMY!

And on to the other surprise. The reason I can't publish this blog until after about 10:30 or so... Wendy , James and the kids are coming in early to surprise my Aunt Brownie. Wendy is my cousin and we're like sisters so my kids call her "Aunt Wendy" and her kids call me "Aunt Lisa". Oh, I just love it when we're able to get together. My girls are about the same age as her kids so they love it when they come to town. Since Sadie was busy being sick, Madeline was the only one who made the trip to Boston Market where we met up with them. We got to visit for a long time and exchanged gifts (she's going to love what we gave them, we rock~!). I took them a huge hunk of cake because it is James' birthday today - not that I knew that when I took the cake to them but I pretended I did when he told me.

I tried to take pictures of the kids and the dog they brought with them. That dog is beautiful and very well mannered. I can't imagine how the cats at Aunt Brownie's are going to react to that dog.

This was the only picture that came out half-way decent. The rest were similar to this one below.

"Dagger" after playing with the kids, ready to get to "Nana's" house.
Madeline thinking she's going somewhere with her cousins.

I called my mom when we were saying good-bye to Wendy and family and told her Wendy was bringing Madeline over (she was meeting my Mom in Shreveport to say "hi") and that she could bring Madeline back with her when she came on Friday. She said "you are kidding, aren't you?" I said, "why?" She went on about luncheons and things to do and I asked if they were more important than her granddaughter? She assured me they were not but that she needed a little more warning. I was only kidding anyway. Madeline wouldn't go anywhere overnight without her blankie so Mom was safe.

Surprise number three? Five minutes after we left them, Madeline threw up all over the van.

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