Saturday, December 16, 2006

O Christmas Tree

I'm going ahead and blogging now because I will be WAY too tired tonight. However, hopefully pictures will be taken of these sleeping beauties being the donkey and the sheep in our Christmas Concert tonight and I can put them on here tomorrow. They will reprise their roles on Christmas Eve during the Children's Christmas Pagent at the 6:00 pm Mass.

To get us in the Christmas spirit, Madeline required that we put up the tree today. She buttered us up with breakfast in bed. She made me jelly toast and Conrad buttered toast. Served juice and dark chocolate M & Ms for dessert. She would not take no for an answer. It's a good thing because I think I have plenty of time to do "Christmas stuff" and in reality, if we had not put it up today it may have been Wed. or Thurs. before we got to it. "That's not even a week to enjoy it" I hear you say. Well, let me tell you, if past experience is any indication, we would have had weeks to enjoy the tree. I have been known to leave it up until February. We'll see if we can get it down in a respectable amount of time this year.

We also want to do something new this year. We want to actually have a topper to our tree. In years past, the tree bent over at the ceiling. Now, we have a smaller tree but still plenty big but with room for a topper. This is the third year, I think, we've put this particular tree up but we still don't have a topper. We'll be looking for one this year. We're thinking angel or star. Leaning more towards angel.

I will say that at least this year, we finally have a tree skirt. The first time in my adult life that my Christmas tree has had a tree skirt.

Here's the tree! And my little elves who helped decorate it.

So, if you read this in time, and you're not doing anything tonight, come to Most Blessed Sacrament Church at 7 pm and get some holiday spirit infused. Live orchestra and live Nativity (complete with donkey and sheep!) and beautiful songs - join us, you'll be glad you did. You can always record the Cowboys game.

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