Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just craziness

OK, so I have an apology to make. I am sorry that I have been so lax in blogging lately. When I was thinking of apologizing, I thought "Well, surely they understand how busy I am".

But, in reality, isn't that one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place? To take a step back and see how zany life is and still soldier on, even in the face of unrelenting life? The answer is "yes". I thought that sharing my (our) wacky life would ease the sometimes burden of day-to-day living. I say sometimes burden because it is hard to go on sometimes, when it seems wheels are spinning, or it seems we're taking two steps forward and one step back. Luckily it's not ALL the time, but sharing those times really does make it easier to see the beauty and the fun and the pure joy that is to be had out of life.

So, I apologize to y'all for not sharing with you and I apologize to me for essentially making it harder for myself. I will make sure I take my camera everywhere with me again and not miss all those moments that make up this thing we call life.

Now, let me catch you up on things...

Saturday, after Sadie's first communion, we went strawberry picking. The girls had fun and strawberries are a favorite in our house.

The perfect looking strawberry, don't you think?


We've been looking for a new nursing home for Uncle Ernie. The one he is in has really gone downhill and, frankly, hearing how they don't come when he needs them, how they take his stuff, etc. is very hard to hear. It's all true, but it's stuff I have complained about over and over to the powers that be and obviously they can't change things so we have to do what we have to do.

So, Tuesday, a new place we had looked at and Uncle Ernie had fallen in love with, called and they were ready to take on new patients. "Could he move in today?" they asked. "We're on our way" I said. So I went over to his old place and I asked him "would you like to move today?" to which he replied "let's go!". So, off we went. Kicking the dust from the old place (to quote the scripture from Sunday) and appreciating the newness and attentiveness at the new place. He is one of only 3 people at the new place. That will, of course, change,but for now he's probably getting tired of all the attention (not).

Moving was not what I had planned for Tuesday. But that is my life. I never know what I'll be doing. I know most of the times it is NOT what I had planned. Alot of times, it's good that I don't do what I planned. Of course, my house might be cleaner...ah, heck, who needs a spotless house?

So, if you want to go see Ernie, call me and I'll be glad to tell you how to get to where he is now.

Now, that brings us to today. I had tone chimes and choir practice. At the time I needed to leave, down came a deluge. I drove the truck to the church. I drove down Lamar, not able to see well out of the windshield because - bless it's heart - the truck, she ain't what she used to be and her defrost doesn't work as well as it should - and I thought we would both drown in the water. I went over the bridge and again, drowning images came to mind. Once I got throught THAT water, I had no brakes. Thank goodness I wasn't going very fast. I'm sure that SUV in front of me is saying the same thing.

Then I got to the church and hmmmm, can you imagine? They were in the process of cancelling everything. Wow. Now I get to go back through all that mess. So, I decided to go back a different way and didn't even hardly get turned before I realized that way was worse that the way I had come. I finally went into the Walgreens parking lot and stayed there until the water subsided. (smart, huh?)

You'll have to enlarge the picture to see how far up on that car the water goes.

And then, he sent a rainbow.

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