Monday, July 02, 2007

Day four, part uno

Day four, only partially through an d already more excitement than necessary or wanted on vacation.
This, my friends is the organ at the Air Force Cadet Chapel. It is huge. It is beautiful. It has now been played by my Mumsey.
This is the front of the chapel from the loft where the organ is. We all got to go up there because Mom was playing.
Up close and personal with the pipes.
My Mumsey playing her heart out. Here, give a listen.

Here someone is sitting with her to turn pages for her. Probably Auntie B. (the one who made me drink all that water - you know how that turned out).

You may be wondering why we have a picture of an ambulance on here. Well....let me just tell you. While we were going back down the stairs from hearing my Mumsey play the organ, she turned around to say something and missed a step and fell.

She was in alot of pain and I called 911. Such an adreneline inducing phone call. Anyway, the man on the other end said to keep her calm. I think they say that so you will stay calm. Anyhow, the ambulance and 2 firetrucks (one with 9 people on it) came with haste and eventually, after administering blessed pain relieving drugs, got my mom on the ambulance.

Here she is ON the ambulance.
Here she is getting out of the ambulance and going into the hospital where they took x-rays that showed why she was in so much pain. She fractured her femur in two places right up by her hip.

This is her after receiving even better pain-relieving drugs. For those worried about her being mad that I put these pictures on here, I told her she would make the blog and she just kinda lauged. Yeah, I know she's on drugs but it's permission in my book.

On the bright side, Aaron says it means she's not old. She didn't break her hip, just her leg.

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