Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vacation day six I think

First of all, let me start by wishing you and yours a very happy 4th of July. I feel like this is one of my most patriotic 4ths I've ever spent.
I'm in one of the most American places, the Air Force Academy, doing one of the most American of things, being a tourist and helping the American tourist economy and being a daughter to an infirm mother.
Here is your patriotic picture of the day. Please pay proper respect.
OK, on to more pressing matters...what we did today. Helping that tourist economy, that's what we're about.
Well, I see I made a mistake. Not the first one nor will it be the last. Anyway, the picture above and below are of Wendy and her little ones and then with Auntie B. and Uncle Howard. One of them was supposed to be of my little family but you know what we look like and there's plenty more pics of us on here.
This is the whole gang in front of the "water clock" at Royal Gorge Bridge. How about those shirts? Those are the product of our hard work last night.
One of the first things we did today was ride the incline railway at the gorge. I was VERY scared to do it but it ended up not a big deal at all. You start at the top of the gorge and go down to the bottom by the river where there are rafters going by and rafting white waters. Very cool. This pic if of the incline we went down. Impressed?

Cheesy family picture in front of the Royal Gorge sign.
One of the bravest things I did today (well the bravest today) was go across the bridge itself. Very windy and the bridge moves. Not my cup o' tea but I did it nonetheless. Here Sadie and I are in front of the Lousisana state flag (in honor of Nonnie, still in the hospital).

And here we are in front of the Texas flag. Yeehaw! That's as close to the rail as I got the whole time and it's only because it was only about a 10 ft. drop from there.
These are the cables holding the bridge up. Amazing, huh?
This is the actual bridge. Can you believe I walked across that thing?
Even braver are my husband and Sadie. They went across the wide open expanse of the gorge in this tram. Not me, no how, no way, not for nuthin'.
Then we rode this train. It was a nice little ride with a conductor who could not be understood. I include this video to prove my point. Enjoy!

Update on my mom: They are probably going to move her to the rehab floor tomorrow. She slept most of the day and I'm going to stay with her again tonight. I'll have more of an update tomorrow, I think.

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Jen said...

Hey Lisa...we were in Colorado last week too. We did the Academy and Gorge on Friday. We just missed you! Love the pics and I hope your Mom is doing better.