Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vacation day 4 part deux and day 5

Vacation Day 4 Part Deux:
Mumsey, generous to a fault, insisted we all still go to the Flying W Ranch as planned. We all went, except Auntie B. who stayed with Mumsey because she'd already been to the ranch.
This is everyone in front of the wagon.
They feed you, at the Flying W Ranch, things that the old west cowboys would eat. Beef, beans, biscuits, applesauce, spice cake, potatoes. It was great. They serve you on these metal plates and you drink from metal cups. Very authentic.
After we ate, they put on a show. It was during this show that I found out Mumsey would be having surgery within the hour. She made it through the surgery and they put 2 rods in her leg and her leg had 4 bone pieces wandering around. The surgeon said it was one of the worst femur breaks he had seen. Go Mom! Be the best!
Anna got a little tired during the show.
Now, for vacation day 5...
Everyone but me went to the Seven Falls. Looks like they had fun. Here's the pictures, which I can't tell you what they are so you use your imagination and then tomorrow, I'll tell you what they really were. (I'll tell you, today, what I think they are)
Let's see...this is all the kids except Anna so they must have tied her to a tree and that's what they are all looking at.

This is the tree after Anna got through with it.

Well...obviously gravity does not work here.
Mr. Flying Eagle scout performs a anti-gravity ritual.
Everyone clowning around.
Now, as I write this we are tye-dying t-shirts red, white and blue for tomorrow. We go to the Royal Gorge Bridge and we're all going to match to an extent. We'll all be patriotic anyway.
Sadie's picture of all her cousins (and sisters).

Now an update on my mom...She sat up today on her own. She actually got up by herself (the therapists helped move her left leg (the one she broke) but she moved everything else. Then, they helped her get out of bed and sit in a chair. She's looking better and not as groggy and breathing better. I think she's going to be a great recoverer.

They're planning on moving her to a rehab floor on Thurs. I'll keep you posted.

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