Saturday, July 14, 2007


There are no pictures tonight because I am bone tired.

We had a garage sale today and while I have absolutely adorable pictures of everyone in my family doing cute things, you'll have to wait to see them until tomorrow.

Let me just say this about garage sales (Mumsey, hide your eyes, I'm about to get profane) they SUCK! Anytime you can eat your profits as fast as you can make them, you're in the wrong business. For the amount of work, totally not worth it. It was fun visiting with Karen, my friend who also had stuff to get rid of. But really, donating to charity or just plain throwing away is a great idea.

Now as an update on my dear Mumsey, she is coming home on Monday. Yep, you read that right, Monday. I am hoping to go over to take care of her in her first days home but it's not looking good for that right now. The amount of dispair and guilt and just plain "I want to take care of my Mumsey" I am feeling right now is overwhelming. And on top of all this tiredness? You can just imagine how lovely I am to be around right now.

Anyway, I am happy, happy for my mom, she's finally coming home! Yay Mumsey!

And if you're wondering why this is in different type? I can't find the thing you use to change the font, it just disappeared. And if I don't have the energy to go out in the garage to fetch my camera? I certainly don't have it to venture into cyberspace to find the "fontchanger".

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