Sunday, July 08, 2007

Miscellany from vacation

The vacation is over. We made it back all in one day. Friday we left Colorado Springs probably around 9:45 or so and we got home about 10:20 pm. That makes for a very long day for drivers and passengers, especially the ones who are less than two. But, we're home and all in one piece. Except Mumsey who is still up in Colorado Springs. She is on the rehab floor now and working hard to get to come home. Go Mom!

So, I came home and finally got my pics into the computer well, these anyway (I have two cards and I've only put one in at this point). And these are some pictures that you may not have seen before (I don't think you have) and I thought were good but for whatever reason didn't make it the first go around.
This is Wendy - my cousin-sista. I love her. She's so kind and she planned such a wonderful itenerary for us while we were up there. And she's staying and visiting with my Mumsey everyday since we had to come home. We always have fun when we get together.
This is Aaron and the big girls. Love this picture.
I love this picture of the bridge. If I didn't put it on here before, I don't have any good explanation for not. If I did, enjoy it again.
I know this one didn't make it, Aaron left on Thursday and by the time I could blog, they turned off the electricity in base housing until midnight. So, needless to say no blog the last night there.
And once again, the "Little Scrivner Players" presented a show. This year the little ones had to write, produce and stage their own production as we adults were otherwise occupied with helping Mumsey. This year's production was a version of "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" that you've never seen before.
How sweet is this picture?
This is the stretcher going up the chapel steps to retrieve Mumsey. Can you imagine being carried down all those steps on a stretcher?
This is all the kids dancing with the Indian. I didn't even see that it was our kids dancing with him before.
Sadie in her tye-dye.
Sadie and Austin in front of one of the waterfalls.

And just in case you didn't get any fireworks or are like me and can never have is the finale of the fireworks at the Air Force Academy. Enjoy!

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