Friday, July 27, 2007

Eden's first birthday

Remember awhile back (more than a year - I know it's a stretch for some of you) when I asked for prayers for Eden, a future great-nephew of ours who was found to have a tumor on his lung pressing on his heart in utero? Here are pictures of him after he was born - remember these? (click on the colored word)

Well, little Eden Jude Urias is now 1 year old and we celebrated today!

This is Conrad with our gift. He wrapped it himself. I wonder what it is?
Here's the birthday boy, himself!
Awww, look! This is what we got him! It's a ball! Who knew?
They had this huge duck pinata (unfilled) and here he is atop said duck.

He got a penguin from the movie "Happy Feet" and it danced. Anna liked it, see?

What a great party. Thanks, Rachel and Noe for a great celebration and for such a sweet little boy. Happy Birthday, Eden!

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