Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anna Montana

I am sorry there haven't been many blogs lateley. At night, when I usually do the blog, I have been doing something else, I've been crawling into bed and...reading Harry Potter. I am very engrossed in this book, I can't wait to go to bed every night to read it. Of course, I read a few pages and my eyes get really heavy like I'm under some "sleeping curse" or something. But, in my world - right now- it's all about Mr. Potter and his adventures.

However, I have these two things to share with you:

I have been wanting to take a picture of Anna with the two binkies in her mouth. You know, sometimes it's just a "two binkie" day. She finally put them back in her mouth when I had my camera close at hand. Unfortunately, she was on her potty at the time. They can't all be perfect pictures.

By the way, we are not encouraging, nor discouraging potty training, she just takes her diaper off and sits down. Sometimes something comes out, sometimes it doesn't. But, she's getting the idea and she is proud when she "gets the job done" on the potty.

This is "Anna Montana". For those of you without preteens...Her actual name is Hannah Montana and her daddy is Billy Ray Cyrus and she has a TV show on Disney Channel (could be why you don't know about this, right?) and she's pop star but living as a "regular person" thanks to a wig and - I'm thinking - not the brightest people on the planet. Anyway, she sings and Sadie and Madeline love to watch her so Anna gets a dose quite often. Well, now Anna sings the songs and dances to them as evidenced in this video.

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