Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pics from the garage sale

Ok, I can tell from my photos that my lens is in need of cleaning in the worst way. But, you get the "picture" from these images.
This is the garage sale when we first opened up. Before the torrential downpour that required us to squish everything into a space about the size of Mom's car (the blue one in the driveway).
This is some of Sadie's Brownie troop (1621). They had a lemonade stand on Saturday to raise money for the hospital fund of the sister of one of the Brownies. She was in an auto accident about a month and a half ago. She is slowly but surely coming out of her coma, please pray for Kaitlyn Wade. These wonderful girls raised $2500 for her. Aren't they great?
Conrad took the girls to shoot off this rocket on Saturday. The called me so I could hear the fuse and explosion. No boom. Just a little fizzle, but apparently, it went way up because Conrad was saying "oops, it's drifting into the trees".
At the end of the day, Conrad took the girls for a spin on the electric wheelchair - all 3 of them. After he got finished, I raced him on the scooter. I won!

New update. I will be going to Shreveport to take care of Mumsey after all. I am so grateful to our niece Hannah and her Mom, Anita (my sister-in-law), for agreeing to take care of the girls in my absence. I know the girls will have fun and be well taken care of.

Hang on, Mumsey! I'm on my way!

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