Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Playing catch up

I've not added anything to the blog because I've been trying to figure out how to get the videos out of my new camera and into my computer. After some tears and a few phone calls to some 800 numbers, I finally got 'er done. Here's your first taste of the new video camera.

That's how we have fun on New Year's Eve. We sprinkle "poppers" out on the street and wait for unsuspecting cars to drive over them to pop them. It's harmless, I doubt the driver even hears the pop, but we so and we think they do and we think it's a hoot.

Now, while I had not had anything alcoholic to drink that night, I will not confirm nor deny if any of my companions had had anything stronger than a coca-cola. And I'm not talking about the two people you see in the video, I can vouch that they had nothing stronger than sparkling apple cider. It's dark in the video because it's nearly mid-night and I don't have a light for the camera. Besides, that would have taken the fun out of filming the car running over the "snappers".

This is a picture of my children united in not helping me take down the Christmas tree. I want you to know, this is the earliest I think I've ever gotten the ornaments off the tree. I'll let you know if the tree actually gets taken down tonight.

This is what they were doing while I was taking down the ornaments. This video is from the old camera (which I will never part with).

This one is kinda long and I will add this diclaimer - I am not the mom she is talking about towards the end.

Madeline in her new Christmas clothes. She got herself dressed this morning.

Sadie's new do. Also self-made.

Puss-n-Boots enjoying "Love's" new bed ("Love" is Madeline's cat from Build-a-Bear Workshop).

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