Sunday, January 21, 2007


For those of you who can't access the video, I aplogize. I took NO, zero, nada, zippo pictures today. However, I did take this video. For those Saints fans (or ain'ts again this year- but with a better record and history making play-off win!) let's have a moment of silence, or cussing, or a stiff drink, or all three whichever you prefer. There's always next year.

By the way, before you see your cute video...if you need Girl Scout Cookies, let me know! Here's your video...

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Barbara Reed said...

Looks like someone is testing out the theory that matter doesn't let you just slip through solids surfaces. Really, it looked more like a gross motor skill practice session. She's calibrating her stopping and starting controls. But what ever was going on in her mind, it was so cute!!!