Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stuff from this week

This week is spirit week at ACA. Monday was "crazy hair" day and here is Madeline's crazy hair.

That would be a sicky Anna looking on and her she is below. She's got a big ol' cold and cough.

Yesterday was hat day and today was pajama day. I wore my pajamas to do traffic duty in. Then I got a call that Uncle Ernie needed something so I gathered up Anna, got in the van and away we went to the store. I got most of the way there and realized I still had on my pajamas. My friend Susan (with whom I was talking) said "just go in and ask them why they're not wearing their pajamas. Tell them it's National Pajama Day". I thought it was a great idea. Ends up, I wore the pajamas all day, even when I was out talking to the water guys and when I went to pick up the girls from school. Thank goodness I didn't have a flat or run out of gas. I must say, however, I don't think I would have really cared, it seems pajamas are fun to wear outside of the house. No - I don't think I'll make it a habit.

Sadie made a mess in the kitchen. This is her way of cleaning it up. Of course, she invited Madeline to join in the fun and she did and promptly fell and hit her head on the floor. She's got a huge goose-egg on her noggin'. I'm watching for signs of concussion. Seriously.

On the bright side, our floor hasn't looked this good in awhile.

And the topper to the day...we've had a slow leak in the front yard. It's been watering the front of the yard nicely. Nice little patch of clover growing. The water department decided today would be a good day to fix it. It was a georgous day. They were such delightful men, seriously.
I don't know if you can see it but the guy to the left is using the little flag that they put out to show where utilities are as a divining rod. I was astounded that they believed in this. They said it's a double edged sword. Most of the time it works but every now and then...

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