Saturday, January 27, 2007

Madeline's Party

FINALLY! We had Madeline's birthday party. We originally invited 8 children, today, 2 showed up. However, it was rescheduled so I understand. I hold no (well, not much anyway) ill will towards those who do not think my daughter's party is important enough to rearrange their whole family's schedule just to accomodate my Madeline. Now, on the bright side, those who attended got to climb the awesome rock wall as many times as they wanted. And to the credit of the young people who were the hosts, they kept up with which order the kids went in and Madeline always got first dibs on going again.
Sadie climbed like a monkey. Just this morning we had to go to UTA for a piano theory test and we had to climb to the 3rd floor. You have to go outside to get to the third floor when using the stairs and she tells me that she's scared of heights. Whatever. The first time and second time she did not get to the top but then....
She wouldn't go any further than the ledge. She's scared of heights, you know.
Even Anna had fun. That floor is really cushioned and she had a blast running and playing on it.

Does anyone (beside Jon and Tylar and anyone else who was at the party) know what this is? Let me know your guesses. Cool pic, huh? I'll let y'all know if anyone guesses correctly. I'll give y'all a couple of days to figure it out.

This is Sadie climbing to the top.

This is Happy Birthday to Madeline

By the way, I wholeheartedly endorse parties at Elzie Odom Recreation Center in Arlington. They decorate, get the cake, fix goodie bags, have plates, drinks , forks, entertainment (in this case, rock climbing) they even clean up after you. I cannot say how stress-free this party was (except for the absence of guests). And, I needed some stress-free time today. Go check it out.

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