Friday, January 19, 2007

The Queen's Princesses

Because I am a Queen who cares, I demand that my daughter, Princess Sadie, do her homework. Notice she has her Princess-ly hood/cloak on. It had to be put on so that she could put the hood up or take it down - depending on if she needed to be hidden or not. (See below)
Princess Madeline and her Daddy, the King, went out and got her birthday present last night (a new bike in case you can't see it). She got to pick it out herself. She's so proud.
Here she is, testing out the new royal bike. I understand she got to ride it through Wally World. How much fun would that be for a kid?

And here's your daily dose of Princess Anna, typically, getting into something. Pay no attention to the mess in the royal pots and pans cabinet (the royal servants haven't cleaned it out in some time - I shall have to speak to them about it).

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