Monday, January 22, 2007

Madeline turns 6

Today, Madeline turns 6. Man, in the last year, this child has grown by leaps and bounds.

She still has all her teeth, which surprises me. Sadie started losing hers in Oct. of her Kindergarten year. I hope that means she's got some strong ones and they just won't let go.

She now wants her hair to grow long. I haven't seen her chew on it in awhile either. She's given up her blankie for the most part. I gave her a soft blanket for the van on those cold mornings and she's been using it off and on (in the house). But if somehow the blankie went missing it wouldn't be the traumatic thing it once would have been. She truly wants to stop sucking her thumb but hasn't quite figured out how. I may have a lead on something to help with that, though. She wants to totally dress girly. If it doesn't sparkle or shine or isn't pink or otherwise girly, forget it, she wants no part of it.

She's a giver. She thinks of others before herself sometimes to my dismay but I've learned that it's something she wants to do and I need to let her be her. She wants to please, it makes her happy to do so. She is her own person and has a very distinct personality. You know those kids who, when they do something wrong, send themselves to their room? She's one of those. Especially with school discipline. If she changes a card she owns up to it and expects her consequences (which makes me not want to give them to her but I do anyway). And she'd never be able to get away with anything anyway, you can read her face like a book.

She's got the cutest laugh (giggle) I've ever heard and someday I hope to get it on video to share. You'll think so, too, if you ever hear it.

On Sunday mornings, when she goes with me to choir practice before church, she stands at the front with the cantor (person leading the psalm in song) and mimicks their gestures to bring in the congregation. She'll also sometimes help Michele lead us. (Thank you, Michele for never discouraging her.)

She's an adapter. Unlike some of my children who need things planned out and then stick to the plan or what's the point?, she can go with the flow. She'll put herself to bed if she's sleepy, she gets up when she's told (most of the time). She knows when she's sick and when she's feeling better (I know that sounds weird to say but since she's been sick for the last 3 days, it's fresh in my head the way she knew that she wasn't going to be able to have her birthday party and how she knew she had fever.) Right now, she's taking care of her sister who "hurt her leg" as if her leg was broken and those uncaring parents just won't do anything about it, dang them.

She's very good in math and learning to read. She will probably be happier than any of us when the reading finally clicks. She wants to be able to read like her big sister.

She loves to play soccer (although that may be a part of the pleasing thing since her Daddy played for years) and is pretty good (for a now 6 year old).

All in all, she's a keeper. I'm not giving up my snugglebunny so don't even ask.

Here she is in her birthday outfit (not "birthday suit"). You can't see it in the picture but her jeans sparkle.

And in case you can't read the ribbon.

Happy Birthday, Madeline Rose, I love you.

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