Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self sufficient

First off, let me say "Happy Birthday" to my mother-in-law Peggy and her twin sister, Betty!
Do you see this child? This cute, quiet, food covered child? Let me just tell you she wasn't always this way. Well, she's always been cute but quiet was not her adjective this evening during dinner which led to the food covered part. She didn't care for the salisbury steaks I cooked (that my other two daughters think are flat delicious) or the green beans that I gave her so back to baby food for her. I'm not a short order cook, you know. So I sat down to feed this hungry child and she started wailing like I had beat her with a wooden spoon. She would close her eyes and cry and I'd stick a spoonful of chicken noodle and banana mixture (I know it sounds yucky but she liked it) in her mouth and she'd stop sometimes to swallow it. But cry, cry, cry she did. For probably 20 minutes I sat there just emulating Job with all my motherly patience (stop laughing, sometimes I DO have it) and would manage a spoonful in here and there. Finally, I gave up and put the bowl down to go do something and she picked up the spoon and started feeding herself. I wanted to do bodily harm to this precious child.

Of course, then she needed a bath. My heavens, she had half her dinner on the outside of her body.
But again, Mother doesn't do it well enough...

I really wanted to get her wailing on video and, oddly, I had the camera right there, but my hands were so covered in chicken noodle/banana that I didn't want to mess the camera up. But I did get her happily feeding herself.

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