Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Busy, exciting day

Busy day today. I wish I was doing this...
I came in to wake up the girls and Mads was sleeping on the floor with the kittens all around and on her.
I have since put the kittens outside as they now climb the gate and get out of the girls room. Not the smartest thing to do with Anna around as you'll see in a minute.
This is going to be a familiar site. It's a helicopter hovering. There's almost always one on Friday afternoons. I guess they're updating the progress on the new stadium (we'll call it Tom Landry Memorial Stadium - you can call it whatever you like). In 2011 it will be home to "SUPERBOWL 45"!!!!!
Can you imagine? We will be 3 blocks from the SUPERBOWL! Feel free to help me brainstorm on ways to make a living that week. I hear millions of dollars will be coming this way, I can't imagine why some of it couldn't fall into our pockets. And, yes, Conrad has already suggested renting our house out that week and going to Europe. I say rent the house out, but stay with a neighbor. For one, we could keep an eye on the house. And, two, the SUPERBOWL comes to my backyard and you want me to leave? I don't think so. I'll be stickin' right here thank you. Traffic and all, I will LOVE every minute of it.

A glimpse into the future. Sadie is talking on my cell phone to her friend, I have no idea how long they talked. Good thing we have mobile to mobile - yes, her friend is on Cingular, too. (Don't you love that "Puss" is keeping vigil?)

She just loves the babies, to death.


Sadie's Brownie troop had their Court of Awards ceremony for the spring tonight. She got all sorts of patches. This is her leader listing her accomplishments.

And she also got her cookie awards. She sold 275 boxes of girl scout cookies this year. She got a t-shirt, a bear, two patches and some other girlie stuff. This is Kay Wade with her. She is our wonderfully organized cookie mom. Her oldest daughter was involved in a terrible accident on Friday night. Please keep her in your prayers. You can see the news story about Kaitlyn here.

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