Friday, May 18, 2007

Field Day 2007

Today was field day for ACA. Coach Heard, told them all "this is a big P.E. party". He told them they might not all win blue ribbons but that as long as they did their best, that's what mattered. I agree. That Coach Heard, he's a nice guy. This is him.
The classes all came up with cheers to show some spirit. Here is Sadie's class cheer.
And this is Madeline's class cheer. I shan't judge, but you go ahead
Neither of these cheers won the spirit stick and I so wish I had gotten the one that did on video, it was VERY cute. Sorry.
This is Madeline's very first field day, first event. The Broad Jump.

And this is her with her second place ribbon she won for that broad jump.
Our fearless leader (Mr. Simon). And in these time, you have to be fearless. The city of Dalworthington Gardens just denied our building permit, even though we already have the building pieces in our parking lot-yes-admittedly, poor planning on our part. Thanks, DWG. (I could write something ugly here, but I shall take the high road).
Madeline doing the "Javelin" throw.
And her first place ribbon she got for her efforts.
One of the teachers with her daughter whom she thought would fall down and she ended up winning first. Way to go, Katie! Way to show your mother what you're made of. (Katie didn't know her mother thought she would fall down.)
This is Scott. He is in Madeline's class and while he can be difficult, he hugs me every morning so I have a soft spot for him. This is him finishing the race with the encouragement of the fathers, one behind him and others at the finish line. What great guys these fathers are.

And Scott, so proud of his ribbon.
Blessings (and relief) come in all shapes and sizes.
Another example of heroic parents. This is Priscilla. Another sweet child that hugs me every moring (along with her brother John). She fell early in this race and this mother (not her mother) picked her up and carried her through the rest of the race. Can you feel the love?
How could you not love this face? It's Priscilla showing off her ribbon and her boo-boo.
Some sisterly love.

Mrs. Marshall and Mads.
Uh-oh, everyone act normal, the police are here.
Uh-oh, now we're really in trouble.
Actually, there was a "person of interest" in the area and the police came to protect our children. (not a person of ooogy interest, like predatorish, but other interest)

Here's Sadie and her class about to participate in the "Tug-of-war".

Sadie's class with the "Tug-of-war" trophy.

And this concludes the longest blog in history (well, at least my history). I hope you feel like you were there, minus the sunburn, headache and bug bites. See you next year!

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