Friday, May 18, 2007

Day two in a row of ballgames

Tuesday night after we went to the ballgame, Sadie fell asleep in the floor with the kittens. I think she was a little tired.

The next day, Anna let me put her hair up in pigtails. I had to gingerly comb over the paint in her hair. I'm too afraid to comb it out, lest she never let me comb her hair again. There's too much to cut it out, she'd have big bald spots. So, she just goes around looking like she's got pink and green hair spots. You can kinda see one of them in the middle a little to your right side.
And, Wednesday night we all went to the ballgame to see Brady (the boy across the street, who will someday probably marry one of my daughters - don't tell him I said that) play in a play-off game. His team won!
Conrad and Anna, a night out at the ballgame.
Brady, swinging that bat!

Anna paying attention and cheering him on.
Sadie and Madeline, not paying attention and egging each other on.
When the ballgame was over, we put all our chairs back in their respective bags and Anna, of course, has her own chair (and don't you dare sit in it). Well, she decided she needed to carry it. I figured, "sure, carry it, you won't get far before I'll be carrying if for you". Oh, no. She carried/drug that thing all the way to the van. Do you know how excruciatingly long it takes for a 21 month old to carry/drag a chair all the way to her vehicle? Let's just say, someday, when I go to my reward, God in heaven will say, "I knew you had patience, it just took that 5th kid to show you".

This video is of her dragging it.

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