Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rainbow connection

Good Evening. I hope you are all having a spendid day. I did my usual, then I mowed the grass, then weed-eated (or should that be weed-eatered or ate weeds?) then I made dinner. Yep, that's me, super-woman. Nah, my neighbor cut his and the other neighbors' yard and mine was just looking really sloppy after that. And, now I'm hungry, so I have to cook. Bleh.

Sunday, we finally got the gardenia planted! Woohoo! Of course, it will probably die, now. I'll keep you posted on it's survival. Here it is in it's new home. Madeline picked it out. (It's the green with the tag on it)

I cut Madeline's bangs last night. I think she likes it.
Anna worries about so many things. Can't you tell?
Dining al fresco. We brought all the kittens outside today. Too cute. Momma worried about them the whole time. The 4 legged momma, not me.

Madeline has learned a song (I think for graduation). Here she is in all her glory.

Ok, so today I sent an e-mail about a new thing the radio station I listen to in the morning is doing. The want a "morning show Mom". If you want to read about it, it's on www.kiddlive.com (or if you'd like to send them an e-mail telling them how good I would be for the job, that'd be great). I think I would be great for it and I'll keep you informed if I hear anything from it. I don't know why I told y'all, I always keep these things to myself for fear of jinxing it. But maybe I'm supposed to put it on here. So, there you go. Now, you know. Keep your fingers crossed!

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