Saturday, May 26, 2007

Esther's Wedding

Today was Esther's wedding. Esther is our niece (on Conrad's side). Sadie and Madeline were the flower girl and ring-bearer, respectively. They wore absolutely gorgeous dresses, embellished by Nora (Esther's mom) with flowers and beads at the top.

This is them with Esther.

Father of the bride, John, waiting for the ceremony to begin. See the clock...he's waiting...get it? I thought of that. Thank you!

The wait for the ceremony to start was almost more than they could bear. I found Madeline sitting alone far off from everyone and she said she didn't feel good. I asked her to come sit with me and we had a heart to heart about occasions like this being overwhelming and that it was OK to feel that way, but that we just take a deep breath and realize that things are going they way they go and we'll do our part to keep things running smoothly. Then we started talking about when she's the bride she can decide things like what the flower girl wears, etc. And I got misty just thinking about it. I cannot imagine what's going to happen when that day comes. In say, oh, 43 years.

Doing a fantastic job. They were angels (I heard that more than once today).

This is all the family.
Anna passed out before the ceremony, thank heavens.

I know my friends Jessica and Becky will enjoy this picture. These cookies were on all the tables. And I might add, they were DELICIOUS as well as beautiful.
Paul, Conrad and Joe.
Daddy and one of his angels.
Great Uncle Joe. He's holding his great-niece, Briley.
This is what the tables looked like before we devoured the salad. Then after a delicious lunch, we scarfed down the cookies. Yummy!

Conrad's Mom, Peggy was there. She can still cut a rug. (She's the one with the black skirt on on the right.)

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